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10 Nights - 11 Days

Booking, Payment Procedure and Terms & Conditions:

  • An initial registration deposit of Rs.10,000/- Per Person to be paid at the time of the registration, which is included in the tour cost. The balance Indian Rupee portion per person towards the tour portion to be paid 30 days prior departure. The US $ portion to be paid 20 days prior to departure.
  • The Tour cost is based on 20 min full paying adult Passengers. The Tour cost is based on the Airfare and Dollar Rates Prevailing as on 21/10/2011. At the time of departure, if there is any increase in the dollar rates & Airfare, which will increase the tour cost and the same should be borne by the customers. At present the dollar rate is calculated @ 1US $ = Rs.49.50/-. The validity of this price is up-to 10/11/2011.
  • The traveling passengers should register for the respective departure with the registration deposit fully paid, with their names as it appears in the passports 60 days prior to departure. Original Passport and the other documents required for processing VISA’S should be handed over 45 days prior to departure.
  • Sometimes the sight seeing tours may be interchanged or preponed or postponed by a day during the day to day tour, due to unforeseen situation or as per the convenience. Passengers are requested to cooperate in the matter.
  • Some times, there will be delay caused by fellow passengers, traffic conditions, loading & unloading of baggage, circumstances beyond our control etc., Worldwide Holidays Pvt Ltd is not responsible for such delay’s & passengers are requested to cooperate.
  • Cancellation policy: If the package booking is cancelled after the registration, administration charges of Rs.10, 000/- per person will be deducted as cancellation charges. If the package is cancelled after the issuance of Air tickets, Visa’s and POE, then the Cancellation Charges will be Rs.25, 000/- per person. If the Package is cancelled with in 72 Hours prior to departure, the cancellation charges will be Rs.35, 000/- per person. At the time of departure 100% Per Person will be deducted as Cancellation charges.
  • Visa Requirements: Multiple entry Singapore Visa, Multiple entry Malaysia Visa & Single entry Thailand visa. It is mandatory to obtain Singapore & Malaysia Visa's in India before travelling to these countries.
  • If any damages are caused to the hotel rooms / coach during your tour, the cost of damages shall be payable by the passengers. Worldwide Holidays will not be liable for the same.
  • In carrying out the tour arrangement, the company shall not accept any liability or responsibility for any damages, loss, baggage loss, injury, accident, death, breakdown or irregularity, which may happen during the day to day tour. 
  • Any extra loss or expenses due to weather conditions, strikes, war, quarantine and any other cause whatsoever must be borne by the passengers. While on tour, the Insurance policies must be carried by all passengers.
  • If any additional expenses are incurred due to delay or changes in schedules of flights, bus, train, aeroplane, ship or other services then the management reserves the right to claim such additional expenses incurred.
  • In view of major international events and trade fairs the hotels may be blocked out in advance for more than 1 year. In such case you may have to stay in hotels away from the cities and the itineraries may have to be amended / altered.
  • In the event of necessity or deemed advisable, We reserve the right to substitute a hotel of similar class &  amend, alter, vary or withdraw any particular departure, excursion advertised.
  • No refunds for any unutilized services such as meals, sightseeing, etc. on the tour.
  • Tours operated are subject to RBI/GOI regulations. And part of the tour cost will be paid in USD out of your BTQ.
  • For detailed ‘Terms and Conditions’, Please refer to the Registration / Booking Form.
  • Cost Excludes : Cost of any vaccination.

Documents Required For Processing Visa’s:

  • Passport valid for 9 months from the date of travel. Passports with 20 years validity does not hold good for travel for many countries.
  • Four photographs-Matt prints (45X35-frame/35X25 face with white back ground screen) for SINGAPORE & THAILAND VISA'S.
  • Two Passport size photographs for MALAYSIAN VISA.

Important Information for Singapore – Malaysia – Thailand Tour

  • Please note that the international check in time is 02.00 pm & check out time is 12.00 noon. Early check in to your hotel is always subject to availability of rooms. You are requested to co-operate in this matter.
  • Luggage – You can carry 01 wheel bag (22 kgs) & 01 handbag (07 kgs). Both put together weight should not exceed 29 kgs.
  • Take utmost care about original documents - Please take utmost care of your original documents such as passport including, valid visas, Airline Ticket, Travel insurance policy, currencies & travelers cheques. Please carry a photocopy of your passport including, valid visas and keep them separately from the original, e.g. photocopy in the suitcase and the original passport in the pouch or your hand bag. Keep one set of Xerox copies of your passport, Air ticket, insurance copy etc at home before traveling.
  • Essential items to be carried on tour - Please carry sunglasses, Caps to protect from hot sun, alarm clock, an additional pair of spectacles if you are using one, umbrella, camera rolls, digital camera chips with a higher MB, extra batteries, chargers for digital camera and mobiles, medicines with prescriptions if required with the drug generic name listed as the brand name would differ from country to country. In case you are carrying your mobile, also carry a multi-plug adapter or world adapter as sockets are not the same in Singapore, Europe,UK & other countries.
  • Never put cash, dollars, your passports, air tickets & gold jewellery in your check in baggage. Always carry those valuable items in your hand baggage. Once checked into your hotel you may deposit the valuables in the safe deposit boxes provided by the hotel free of cost.
  • Clothing – Bring one sweater, one pair of shoes, two pairs of socks, and 08 pairs of dresses. Do not bring overcoat and jerkin. Cotton clothes are advised for these countries, as the climatic conditions will be hot and humid.
  • Washing – Washing is expensive. Bring some soap powder to wash your undergarments and other daily usable cloths. Wash only where you stay for more days – Bangkok and Singapore. No need to bring shampoo, bath soap & towels for bathing. You may bring one mug for toilet purpose.
  • Food – American Breakfast – Bread, Butter, Jam, Cornflakes, Coffee, Tea, Juice and fruits also will be provided. Lunch & Dinners will be Indian food. Breakfast Time – Between 7 am to 8 am, Lunch Time – Between 1 pm to 3 pm, Please co-operate. Dinner Time – Between 7.30 pm to 9.00 pm. The entire Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner menu is fixed. If you order other than what the menu is, you may have to settle the bill before leaving the restaurant.
  • Room Services – Some Hotels offer complimentary Coffee/Tea making facilities, which can be made use of. Soap/Liquid soap will be available. If you keep towels on the floor they will change daily, otherwise you have to use the same towels or you will have to contact the house keeping or receptionist for exchange.
  • Drinking Water – Most Hotel offers two bottles of drinking water per day as complimentary to be used by you. Over two bottles at your cost. In SINGAPORE & MALAYSIA it is normal & safe to drink water from the tap.
  • Ask how to operate the Hotel room key, shower, sink tap etc. Some Hotels have Mini Bar facilities. If you use these facilities you will have to pay before checking out and this may cause delay for departure. Before leaving the Hotel, please hand over room keys at the reception counter.
  • It is your duty to keep the coach clean, so please do not throw waste inside the coach. Please do not hold any other seats as reservation for other persons. It is important that you have to change seats from back to front to enjoy the whole tour with out any problem. You can sit anywhere in the coach and still you can have better view, as the bus will be a Hi-Tech coach.
  • It is important to carry your daily usable medicines as per your Doctors advice. Also you can carry General Medicines by taking your family Doctors advice.
  • If you are claiming VAT / GST refund, you are required to show the materials purchased to the concerned officer at the Airport. So keep the materials purchased on hand for claiming VAT / GST refund.
  • Please do not change your allotted seats in the flight, as you may not get Indian vegetarian food which is specially ordered for you.
  • Please do not put in your hand bags the following items or objects such as – scissors, razors, nail cutters, shaving blade, shaving gel, perfume bottles, small knives for cutting fruits or big knives, screw driver, pins, needles and any kind of sharp or cutting objects.
There is a time difference of 2½ hours between India & Singapore, Malaysia and 1½ hours between India & Thailand. Those countries are ahead of Indian time. 

Thank you for your co-operation, which is valuable for this memorable tour.